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Prodigium Pictures is helping businesses make their offline market effort more effective online.

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About our event videos

Prodigium Pictures offers a wide range of services for event videos of your business. Whether you are a company looking to make a video for your exhibition to draw more media attention, or if you are planning to make an event recap video for those who are not coming to your event, we are here to help. We also support event's host by providing teasers, opening videos, after movies of your events.

Multiple revisions & approvals

Events are where you find new prospect clients. And to draw their attentions, it the best to make an announcement about your products and services in videos. And when videos have such significance for your events, nuances and details are the key to give the best impressions for press and audiences. We will work with you until you find the right voice for your video.

Minimum cost

There are so many social media platforms for you to hit and a lot of content to fill. That often results in the question of "how cheap can you do it for our business?". While it is important to have as much content as possible for sales funnels, we want to make sure you have good videos that people actually watch. That is why what we offer is the minimum cost to justify the quality that deserves for your marketing announcement.

15% OFF for Startups

Prodigium Pictures has been working with multiple startups to help grow their businesses. From crowdfunding videos to event videos, and from multiple projects to one-off video, we love supporting those who have visions and minds to succeed. To mean that, we make videos with 15% discount for startups.

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